Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife

The Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife is a tool made of Hawkbill curved blade that is strong, tough and sharp simply perfect for simple to even rough applications.

Spyderco Knife
Our Rating 88/100

To make your cutting more efficient and much easier, you cannot just buy any knife. Going for the most popular choice does not guarantee you quality either. As with any product, you have to look at its features and specifications. Like with the Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife, you need to know what the brand offers along with the other features and specifications. Is this product worth the buy?

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 90/100

Spyderco is a Hawkbill curved blade made of ATS-55. It features a 2-3/4’’ serrated cutting edge and hollow grind which makes it a powerful tool for any application. The hollow-ground blade makes the suitable for tough use. Since it is a curved blade, it has cutting edge and it does not look bulky which makes it easy for you to carry it around. Another great thing about this tool is that it has showcases David Boye Dent locking lever for stronger grip.

Spyderco Harpy. Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 90/100

The Spyderco C08S Harpy Lockback Knife has a slim and attractive design. It is a well-made tool that has an attractive appeal with its high satin finish. The nice thing about the brand is that it does not compromise the safety and the functionality of the knife. Spyderco Harpy is easy and safe to use. What customers would love about this product is that it has a right hand and tip-down clip feature. It allows you for quick response since it is easier for you to get the knife, a safety and useful feature to prevent any accident. In terms of functionality, Spyderco Harpy is sharp enough and does not dull easily. Perfect for simple applications like skinning fruits to rough use, it is a utility knife that has many functions.


  • Spyderco Harpy Knife has a slim design that is compact making it very convenient around.
  • Has an attractive appeal with its high satin finish
  • Comes with protective and safety measures to prevent any accident
  • Offers accuracy with curved blade that is strong and sharp
  • Works as a multipurpose knife that you can use from simple to heavy duty tasks
  • Features handle drying bent and shackle key for secured and stronger grip
  • The product is very economical and long lasting.


  • Compare to other models of the brands, it can be quite slow to open.
  • Can be quite heavy

With the features that you can get from the Spyderco Harpy Knife, this is far by one of the best not just among the Harpy models but also among the different folding knives. The product is designed in a way that makes your cutting much more efficient and easier. Apart from that, it also has safety features to prevent any accident from is happening. It does not slip through the hands and it gives you a tighter grip. With its Hawkbill curved blade that is sharp and tough, you can use it even for rough applications. This product is still worth the purchase.

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