SOG Daggert 1

Over the years, there have been various brands that have released newly improved and highly innovative tactical tools. And among one of these is the SOG Daggert 1 which is considered to be one of the new breed of tactical fixed blade knives. Based on the physical design of the knife itself, it really looks like a powerful tactical knife perfect for concealed use. But what makes this tool popular among outdoorsmen. This product review gives you some information in terms of its quality, specifications and over-all performance.

SOG Daggert 1
UH Rating 95 / 100

Blade Material

AUS 8 Stainless Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Partial Serrated

Handle Material and Design

Kraton Rubber Handle

Handle and Blade Quality

A well-crafted knife, the Daggert is a 5.6 in. blade that uses dual edge serrated blade with black Tini coating. It is made using the AUS 8 stainless steel which is a pretty much solid and durable steel suitable even for heavy duty use. What sets this apart from the other blades is the fact that it has two cutting edges. The first one is partially serrated which means that you can use it for any survival task and the other edge is straight.

This tool features a Kraton handle as well as a stainless steel crossguard and pommel. This allows you to have a comfortable and solid grip when you use the knife. The Black Kraton handle is really durable and it gives a very ergonomic design. It also comes with a kydex sheath so you can put it in the sheath safe and secured.

Design and Functionality

The knife is slightly longer compared to others at 10.75 inches. It is also slightly heavier compared to other knives weighing about 14.4 ounces. So if your main consideration is finding a lightweight knife, this is not the one for you. But aside from that drawback, there are so many things to love at how this blade is designed especially in terms of its over-all design and performance.

There is no doubt that the SOG D25T Daggert 1 is truly a well thought out blade. It is simply tuned for different levels. Whether you want to use it for simple to hard use, this knife can deliver. The knife has 2 cutting edges allowing you tackle any task whether it is fighting or survival task which is one of the main selling points of this tool.


  • Two cutting edge
  • A grippy handle
  • Good balanced


  • For someone's might be heavy

On top of that, it is designed in such a way that it gives you ease of use and comfort. It allows you to have various carry options depending on how you want to carry and use it. The SOG D25T gives you that flexibility and comfort to carry this knife anywhere you need it with ease and to make sure that it is completely secured in the sheath.

SOG Daggert 1 Knife: Last Toughts

Just by looking at how the SOG Daggert 1 is designed and built, you would already want to purchase it. But the aesthetic deign is just one aspect of the knife that you will really like. It has a solid built that can last long with its AUS 8 steel blade. Although the knife is longer compared to others, it gives you just that comfortable and solid grip which makes it easy to use. Plus, it gives you multiple carry options. This knife is a flexible tool that you can use in any situation and condition. In terms of performance, the SOG will not disappoint. Over-all, this knife is a good buy. But if you want a much smaller and lightweight knife or a tool with stronger specs, you might want to check other knives available.

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