SE KFD233 12’’ Gut Hook Knife

When you think of a hunting knife, what comes to mind is the sophisticated and feature packed knife that is most of the time priced more expensively than others. But for some, this is not always the case especially if you want to reduce the cost. There are cheaper alternatives that can still give you the quality blade that you can use for various applications. One of those blade is the SE KFD233 12’’ Black Full Tang Gut Hook Knife. Offered at $13.20, this is a reasonably priced knife that might just be what you are looking for.

What does this gut hook knife has to offer? Let’s go into specific details.

SE KFD233 Gut Hook Knife
UH Rating 98 / 100

Blade Material

440 Stainless Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Chisel With Gut Hook

Handle Material and Design


Handle and Blade Quality

This knife features a full tang blade construction that comes with a gut hook tip that you can easily use for field dressing. The blade quality allows you to use it for various cutting options. It has 4 inches saw teeth giving you flexibility depending on where you intend to use it. This 440 stainless steel knife is with overall length of 12 inches. Its blade length 6.25 inches and with thickness of 4mm this has just the right size and shape. In terms of blade quality, the SE KFD233 12’’ does not rust and it is sharp enough. This tool can help you carry on with your task.

On the flip side, you find the weak link of this knife is its nylon sheath and the parachord wrapping that is thin. Then again for its price, you cannot expect much for the material used for its sheath. The black fitted nylon sheath includes hook and loop belt fastener with attached Paracord lanyard. Those two are just enough to secure the knife. It is easy to easily take out when you need to use it.

Design and Functionality

This gut hook knife is designed for easy carry, storage and use. Its small and lightweight design makes it a nice choice since it gives you the ease of use and flexibility. For less than 20 bucks, you have a full tang knife with paracord wraps in its handle makes it a really stylish, giving you that back to basics look in a knife. The design is simple when you compare it with other hunting knives but it does deliver.


  • Great tool for the price
  • 6.25" Blade
  • 4" saw


  • The sheath is average

The blade quality is sharp enough to use for a wide range of functions and applications. Since the steel is not hardened and it does not have a sturdy construction, it is not suitable for really tough and heavy duty use. It is just perfect for field dressing. Although the sheath is not so good, what is nice with this gut hook knife is that is easy to storage and to carry wherever you go with its nylon sheath and hook and loop fastener.

SE KFD233 Gut Hook Knife: Last Toughts

There are so many things to like about this gut hook knife. You just really cannot expect too much considering that this knife is one of the most affordable hunting knives that you can find. What you will like about this gut hook knife is it has a simple yet lightweight design that is perfect to carry and to use anywhere. The blade is made from stainless steel and features a full tang construction. For its price, it is a good buy since you can use it for field dressing and other applications. If you want a cheaper alternative, this is a good knife to purchase.

If you need a more feature packed hunting knife that can be used for heavy duty applications, you might want to check other knives available.