Mens Eagle Cap Bogs Hunting Boots

Bogs Hunting BootS

Material: Rubber

Sole: Rubber

Resistance: Waterproof

We all know how important having the right hunting gear is in order to ensure the best results. Sure, you’ll rely on your wit, strength, skills, and instincts more than anything, but you wouldn’t be able to maximize your potential without the right tools.

So what does it say about a pair of hunting boots that almost literally turn you into a prey’s worst nightmare? The Men's Eagle Cap Waterproof Bogs Hunting Boots claims to be capable of giving you this kind of power, but can it’s service match its manufacturer’s confidence?

That Boogs Hunting Boots is what we’ll attempt to determine today, as we take a more detailed look at this military-style hunting boots.

The manufacturers say they have a 100% customer satisfaction rate, but is this just a tall tale? Or does their product have the credentials to back it up? Read on to find out.

  • Build Quality
  • Easy of use
  • Functions

This pair of Bogs Hunting Boots is perfect for late season hunting because it provides a decent level of insulation. Rest assured, your feet won’t freeze even during a cold day out, thanks to its Channel Air insulation function. It can resist up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, while remaining lightweight and fast.

With the 4mm Neo-TechTM with AirMesh, it can keep your feet warm without making it feel overheated. Lastly, it provides solid footing and balance for its wearer.

Overall Value

Our Rating 82/100

Currently, it is priced at less than $170 dollars. That’s a fair deal considering all of the benefits you’ll get from buying this durable pair. We’re sure you’ll be wearing this for a lot of your scheduled hunting trips because it’s just that convenient. If you want something equally impressive, go check out our review for the Mens Pronghorn 8 Inch Danner Hunting Boots by clicking here.

If you’re satisfied with the one we described on this article, feel free to try it out for yourself.

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