Mens Classic High Bogs Camo Boots

Bogs Camo Boots

Material: Rubber

Sole: Rubber

Resistance: Waterproof

What is the secret to success? There are plenty of valid answers, but still nobody knows the truth up until now. However, if you are talking about businesses, one of the key ingredients to winning in your chosen market is consistency.

This is why many companies hold on to their secret “sauce” like their lives depended on it. And if one of their products ends up becoming a hit for the masses, they try their best to replicate their success by producing an almost exact copy of it, but with a couple of upgrades. They will then sell it as a “Version 2.0” of sorts.

This is true for the Mens Bogs Classic Camo Boots which is very similar to its brother, the Mens Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Bogs Hunting Boots in terms of functionality. We’ll explore their similarities and differences on this article, so read on to find out more.

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Let us now proceed to our review of Bogs’ Break-Up Boots.

  • Build Quality
  • Easy of use
  • Functions

In terms of build quality, there’s no denying that the two hunting boots we’ve mentioned so far came from the same mold. They are both very durable and sturdy. This one in particular, lets you get as rough and rugged as you like, because it was made for rough terrains. It will endure punishment for a long time.

It is available in various sizes, which ranges from 7 D (M) to 21 D (M). The most obvious difference between this one and the other is that it comes with a variety of camouflage-inspired designs. You can choose between Mossy Oak, Mossy Oak Break-Up, and Mossy Oak New Break-Up. Each of these has a different leaf-based design that is good for keeping you partially hidden from your prey’s view.

They are also decidedly more fashionable, so you’ll come to appreciate its wild and loose appearance.

Overall Value

Our Rating 89/100

Unlike what its name suggests, this pair of Bogs Camo Boots has nothing to do with relationships and break-ups. If anything, it will strengthen your current relationship with its sheer cool vibe.

What’s even more amazing is that this Bogs Camo Boots only costs less than $140 dollars.

In conclusion, there’s no denying that this model was meant to be a copycat. But it does a great job of serving as a straight upgrade from the hunting boots that it was inspired from.

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