Irish Setter Hunting Boots, Womens 3887 LadyHawk WP 1000 Gram Big Game

Irish Irish Setter Hunting Boots

Material: Leather and cordura

Sole: Synthetic

Resistance: Waterproof

Irish Setter claims that as a manufacturing company that is focused on making hunting gear, hunting is not just a hobby for them. While they may have spent over sixty years mastering their craft, is it enough to say that their dedication for the activity reflects ours?

We spend our days out there on the field, spotting and stalking prey no matter how rough the terrain or how harsh the weather conditions are. Does Irish Setter have what it takes to provide us what we need? Do they really understand hunting the way we do? Do they have our natural instincts?

When the company set out to produce a good pair of hunting boots for women, they came up with the Irish Setter Hunting Boots (Womens 3887 LadyHawk WP 1000 Gram Big Game). Today, we will find out the answer to all of our questions…by taking a closer look at this model in particular.

With Irish Setter’s track record, we’d say that these boots have a pretty good chance of living up to our expectations. Let’s find out for sure.

  • Build Quality
  • Easy of use
  • Functions

Just like its sister, the Womens Irish Setter Hunting Boots 7" (UltraDry Ladyhawk), these boots have a so-called Shadow Trek sole, which provides additional traction against all types of terrain so that you don’t slip and stumble while chasing an elusive prey (or while running away from a predator). If you wanted to read more about the UltraDry Ladyhawk Boots, you can click on this link for our detailed review.

Back to this model, it has 1,000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, which makes it suitable for late season hunting. You don’t want your feet to get cold, especially when you’re not moving too much because that will get awfully uncomfortable, so this high level of insulation will come in handy.

Overall Value

Our Rating 85/100

Currently priced at less than $160 dollars, this Irish Setter Hunting Boots is not a bad choice for a pair of durable womens hunting boots. It has the versatility you require for midseason hunting, therefore giving us the idea that Irish Setter was dead serious when they said hunting is more than just a hobby for them.

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