Horton Storm RDX Innovations Crossbow Review

Draw Weight

165 LB


370 FPS

Power Stroke

16.5 ''


8.2 LB

Hunters need to have an efficient and top quality crossbow for their hunting games and activities. Considering the varying level and skill of hunters, there is a wide range of options to choose from. If you are looking for a perfect fit for your hunting style, the Horton Storm RDX is a good choice. It is different from other conventional hunting crossbows that you can find. What sets this apart from the other crossbow packages? Let’s take a look a look at it specs and performance.

  • safety and design
  • specifications
  • performance

For a pricey crossbow package, you can expect a lot from this one. It is an elegantly designed and feature packed crossbow perfectly suitable for those who are in search for a top quality hunting crossbow. Its riser is made of aluminum that is lightweight which is machined and comes with a cap system and limb-pocket (self-locking) to prevent any limb twist and to have additional cushioning reducing limb stress. It sports 440 bearings made of stainless steel that will give you excellent performance and reliable stability. For additional comfort, the Horton Storm RDX has an adjustable cheek plate and butt plate. You can also assemble it without any difficulty.

Global Assessment 96/100

Is it worth the price? The answer would actually depend on how you look at it. For its price, this is a well-designed, innovative and feature packed hunting crossbow that is a perfect fit for experienced hunters and those who are looking for a complete and premium crossbow package, the Horton Storm RDX will not disappoint you. It is smooth, efficient and reliable. You can use it to hunt just about anything. With its power, amazing speed and superb performance, what more can you ask for?

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