Forseti Handmade “Crazy Horse” Damascus Hunting Knives

Forseti Steel Custom Handmade “Crazy Horse” Damascus Hunting Knives offer not just aesthetic value but a durable and sharp tool that suits for various application and task that is easy to use and does not easily slip.

Damascus Hunting Knives
Our Rating 92/100

All hunters and outdoorsmen need to use an efficient and razor sharp knife whether it is for hunting task or any other application. Simply choosing without taking a thorough look at the features and specifications is a waste of money. So to avoid disappointment before you decide which brand to purchase, take time to know more about the product. Like in buying the Forseti Steel Damascus Hunting Knives, find out what makes this hunting knife a good buy? What does it basically offer?

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 94/100

Taking pride in years of producing quality knives, Forseti Steel Crazy Horse Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife is home to some of the best knives that you can find. Many of their products continue to receive good reviews. The “Crazy Horse” features a 6.75’’ Rain Drop Damascus pattern with the handle made of Olive Wood, Walnut and Buffalo Horn.
On Rockwell scale, Forseti Steel has a hardness of 57-59 Hrc coupled with a 4mm blade that is razor sharp. This handmade knife definitely offers you a sturdy and quality blade. With a blade that is hard and strong enough for any application, you are guaranteed of a durable working knife that is built to last.

Damascus Hunting knives. Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 89/100

What makes the Damascus Hunting knives different from others is its unique design. As the manufacturer uses natural materials, there is a variation when it comes to the color and pattern. Its impressive look and over-all craftsmanship along with its full tang construction makes the product look artistic. But aside from its design, Crazy Horse gives you a cutting edge for full functionality. This hunting knife simply fits your needs and makes it easy for you to go through any task. With its razor sharpness, you will not have any difficulty whether it is a simple or intricate task.


  • Made of hand crafted Damascus steel that is durable and solid
  • Impressive full tang design that offers a unique look
  • Razor sharp blade perfect for any activity and other complicated tasks
  • Has nice heft as well as balance
  • Features a compact design that gives convenient control and easy grip
  • Excellent working knife for different applications


  • There is no available information pertaining to the warranty coverage.

Just from the name itself, you can already have an idea what this hunting knife can offer. A hand forged product made of natural materials, this Damascus steel is an artistic creation that can deliver more than just a knife with a stylish design. In terms of durability and sharpness, you can get what you expect from Forseti Steel Crazy Horse Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife. Its solid blade is suitable for any task that you want to efficiently accomplish. On top of its amazing features, you can barely find any downside in using the Forseti Steel Custom Hand Made Hunting Knife except for the unavailable information regarding the product warranty. Over-all, “Crazy Horse” is a good buy especially if you are looking for both quality and aesthetic appeal.

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