Esee Izula Black Fixed Blade Survival Knife

The natives of Peru call the strongest ant in the jungle as “Isula”. Also known as the Bullet Ant, it is different from the common ant as it is tiny yet very independent and aggressive. And this is where the Esee derived its inspiration in crafting what they call a perfect survival kit. The ESEE Izula knife is built in the same way as how this kind of ants are known to be, a small, effective and concealed carry knife. Based from the name alone, you will already be interested in what this knife has to offer. For its price at $72, this looks like a really well-made knife.

ESEE Izula Knife
UH Rating 98 / 100

Blade Material

1095 Carbon Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Clip Point

Handle Material and Design

Black G10 Scales

Handle and Blade Quality

From the name itself, the Esee Izula is a small and lightweight tool compared to other knives. Yet, you will be surprised because despite its size it has that powerful bite. The knife features full micarta scales with handles made from black G10 material. Looking at the handle scales, they are sized just right to the coated blade. That giving to you that precision that you can expect from a top quality knife. The blade quality is superb for its size with over-all length 6.25’’ and blade length 2.875’. This 1095 carbon steel made blade with black textured powder coat finish is really promising in terms of its quality.

In terms of maintenance, the ESEE knife is made from 1095 steel which means that although it is well-made it is still prone to rust and stain. This knife is designed for hard use. But remember that on the blade can affect rust, especially in the areas on the cutting edge and even in the laser engraving. Users have to make sure that the blade is cleaned thoroughly and lubricated.

Design and Functionality

In terms of functionality, the Esee Izula Knife is highly effective and useful for the outdoorsman. It features a flat grind with a really sharp blade. This one is very useful to take on any task although it falls short especially if you are looking for a general utility too.

It has a sheath made from black molded polymer. The belt clip is also made from metal clip plate and ambidextrous polymer. That help holds that Esee Izula Knife securely. It has just the right size for use and when you carry it vertically or horizontally, it is comfortable. Some may want to add like for instance an Ipe handle to have more substantial grip. The original inclusions work just fine. The only downside is that you may need to take time to work on smoothening its release from the sheath. But this is a relatively drawback that is negligible.


  • Awesome little knife
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The blade is very sharp


  • Crazy tight sheath

When you handle the knife, it is just long enough to give you a full finger grip. Only if you have bigger and longer hands will you find it slightly challenging. If you are looking for a good knife for concealed use that has a solid and sharp blade, the Esee Izula is the one to get. It might be a small knife but it gives you that complete functionality you really need from an outdoorsman tool.

Esee Izula Knife: Last Toughts

In conclusion, the Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Black G10 Handle as what the meaning of the name describes it is surely a very useful knife. This is a good buy especially if you want it for concealed use. The size might be small but it can pretty much deliver the power and functionality that you need to carry out tasks when you are outdoors. Not only is it made from a well-renowned brand, the knife itself is made from durable and quality steel which is a great use. This is a great small knife that you can carry with you when you go camping

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