Damascus Hunting Knife, Forseti Steel Custom Handmade Apache Gaan

Damascus Hunting Knife

The Damascus Hunting Knife Forseti Steel Custom Hand-made Apache Gaan – Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is an 8’’ tool that is made of Damascus Steel. Sharp and solid, this tool is specifically created for hunters.

Our Rating 91/100

Choosing the perfect knife that you can use not just for indoor but even for outdoor and tough applications requires you to invest in a high quality tool. In deciding which brand to get, you have to look at the specifications if you need it for hunting activities. Like in buying the Damascus Hunting Knife Forseti Steel Custom Hand-made Apache Gaan – Fixed Blade Hunting Knife, it helps to get to know more about the tool better, its features, blade quality and functionality.

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 92/100

Damascus Hunting Knife Forseti Steel is a hand-forged 8’’ knife that is made of Damascus steel. With its quality material, you get to have a 4mm thick blade that is razor sharp and scores 57-59 on Rockwell hardness scale. This makes the Damascus Hunting Knife suitable even for toughest applications. The tool also has full tang construction and makes use of Camel Bone Handle with Bolster made of stainless steel for stronger grip and a more natural feel.

Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 88/100

Apart from the quality blade, this product sports a very impressive knife design with its over-all look and Damascus steel. The tool is a well-made custom knife that is built to give hunters not just an impressive design but as well as a tool that offers functionality. The product is widely used by hunters. But the nice thing about the Damascus Hunting Knife Apache Gaan is that it is perfect for a wide variety of applications. From simple to highly intricate and rough applications, you know you can rely on this tool. It has a solid design and it has good fit and balance making it a very efficient hand knife that you can use with ease. Take it anywhere as it includes a hand stitched leather sheath for secured storage.


  • Made of Damascus steel that is durable and razor sharp enough
  • The knife can be effectively used not just for hunting but even for other applications.
  • Has a nice fit and balance
  • Features a Camel Bone Handle for a steady and convenient grip
  • A well-crafted tool that has a unique and impressive design
  • Works even for hard and tough use
  • The brand offers reliable customer service.


  • The Apache Gaan Damascus Knife might be expensive for some.

Despite the downside that the Forseti Steel is quite pricey, given its features and specifications, you can still say that this product is still worth every penny. Aside from being a beautiful and hand-made knife, it can offer you different features. You get to have almost all of the essential specifications that you need in a best hunting knife. With its robust design and razor sharp blade, you can use it for any application whether it is a simple or a heavy-duty task. This is a must have tool for hunters and for outdoorsmen who are in search of a durable and reliable knife.

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