BlizeTec Survival Knife

BlizeTec Survival Knife

The BlizeTec Survival Knife is an 8.46 inch knife made of stainless steel. Known for its durability and flexibility, this survival tool goes a long way as it offers great functionality.

Our Rating 84/100

Any hunting gear is not complete without a survival knife in it. So, just before you finally head on to your outdoor activity, it helps that you are prepared and you have a tool that you can use for various applications. This has to be a multipurpose knife that is handy in all situations. One of the best knives for outdoor use is the BlizeTec Survival Knife. From the product name itself, you can already get an idea as to how this product is built. But what are its specifications and other features?

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 85/100

A full tang constructed knife, BlizeTec Survival Knife is made of a solid 420 stainless steel. The product features a tough and sharp blade that is practical in various applications. It is a 8.46 inch long knife which is simply perfect for survival activities. For a solid grip, BlizeTec Survival Knife makes use of Classic Pakka Wood. The handle gives you better control of the tool. The product also comes with a belt pouch that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere.

Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 86/100

What is nice about BlizeTec Survival Knife is that it has an ergonomic design that is lightweight and compact. It is not prone to corrosion and with its Pakka wood handle; it gives you an over-all classy look. The main strength of this product lies in its functionality along with the other features. BlizeTec Survival Knife is a great tool for a wide variety of applications. Whether you it is just a regular hiking trip or you are out for hunting, you will not be disappointed with what this product has to offer. It is a survival blade that gives you a robust design and sharp blade that has so many useful applications even in case of emergency. Equipped with a powerful LED, the torch can come in really handy in certain situations.


  • Made of solid stainless steel that is durable and can withstand even the toughest application
  • Comes with a Pakka wood handle for a more comfortable grip
  • Has a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy for you to carry it around
  • Works more than just a survival tool as it is a multipurpose knife that you can efficiently use in various tasks and other applications
  • Has a powerful LED torch


  • BlizeTec is slightly small and may not be suitable for the roughest and toughest activities

The BlizeTec Survival Knife is smaller compare to other knives that you can find. But you will not be disappointed with this product. Small as it may seem, this is a tool that works in so many ways. It is quite solid and sturdy for its size and it has a lot of great applications. As a multipurpose and working knife, this can come in handle in different situations. From hiking to hunting activities, this brand can surely give you almost everything you need.

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