Deer Hunting Knife, Top 8 Reviews

If you like hunting deer, you most likely own a knife or even a set of knives. If you are a beginner looking to take up hunting as a hobby, then we are going to tell you now that you are going to need a Deer Hunting Knife.

It has several purposes. Expert hunters will challenge newbies to leave their knives at home before going out into the woods, just to drive the point home of how important it is to carry one. You wouldn’t normally use it to kill your game, but instead you will be using the deer hunting knife to gut it afterwards.

A best hunting knife will also help you slice off the skin without tearing off the ligaments. It will help you remove the meat from the bones. In some instances, people even use their knives to cut rope, open up cans, and trim branches. A sharp knife is one of the hunter’s most essential tools.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some of the best deer hunting knives you could possibly own, and reviewed every single one of them so you could decide on which one you want to purchase. These knives should be high up on your grocery list, because you just couldn’t leave home without them…at least, not if you are planning to hunt deer.

Buck Deer Hunting Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 94/100
Our Rating 94/100

It is a given that your knife needs to be sharp, above anything else. Thankfully, you can always sharpen your hunting knives if they are starting to grow dull. So what other things could be said about a deer hunting knife that could make it seem more appealing to a picky hunter?

Well, the Buck Ergohunter Pro Knife offers comfort and convenience for any user who picks it up from the store.

This wooden, fixed deer hunting knife comes from the ErgoHunter TM series (we also have some special reviews of other fixed blade hunting knifves that are worth checking out), meaning there’s more where this baby came from that you can check out. But this one in particular gives you a gut hook ring that you can use for, well, gutting. This simple semi-circular hook allows you to sever organs from your game, without slicing into the muscle. This is good because you don’t want to reduce the quality of your meat by accidentally damaging it while gutting.

Much like the rest of its family members, it provides an ergonomic handle that allows for different grips. This deer hunting knife is perfect for skinning, boning, and caping your game, since you can hold the knife at different angles.

It also helps to know that it is only about $120 dollars right now, so if you are trying to save money on other equipment, this is the most convenient option to go for.

deer hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 94/100
Design And Functionality 90/100
Our Rating 94/100

Don’t be surprised if this next deer hunting knife has a devoted number of fans, because that’s just how great it is at doing its job. As one reviewer says, the Buck 124 Frontiersman knife is a “rebirth of a classic.”

This has literally been released ages ago, and is only being reissued by Buck as some form of “limited edition” release, much to the delight of hunters all over the globe. Some didn’t even hesitate to buy another one as soon as they heard of the good news.

But what is up with all this fuss, you ask? Well, this particular deer hunting knife has a 6.25 inch blade and is designed as a fixed Bowie Knife. It has a satin finish and a black Micarta handle, which will give you a great combination of durability and convenience. Handling this deer hunting knife is simple and easy, as many people can attest to.

Tish deer hunting knife has an overall length of nearly 12 inches, and weighs only 13.3 oz. The real reason this knife is such a hit is its simplicity and toughness. It was designed in a way that could handle almost any task you give it, granted you can manipulate it well enough. Lastly, the aluminum guard will keep you safe from accidents while using this trusty blade.

It has an overall length of nearly 12 inches, and weighs only 13.3 oz. The real reason this deer hunting knife is such a hit is its simplicity and toughness. It was designed in a way that could handle almost any task you give it, granted you can manipulate it well enough. Lastly, the aluminum guard will keep you safe from accidents while using this trusty blade.

The only real way to prove its greatness is by trying it out for yourself. Go ahead and don’t hesitate.

Benchmade deer hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 91/100
Design And Functionality 91/100
Our Rating 92/100

If you were hoping to find a decent deer hunting knife without having to go over the one hundred dollar price mark, then you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we have here next. The Benchmade Knife 15008-ORG might just be the answer to your problems. With this drop-point blade by your side, you wouldn’t have to go knifeless while out in animal country ever again.

Being a drop-point blade, its spine slopes from the handle to the tip, allowing it to be stronger than most other knives. And the fact that it is a fixed blade means it is even more durable than initially perceived. After all, fixed knives are generally stronger than foldable ones.

That said, it comes with a form-fit Kydex sheath, which is useful because you don’t want to accidentally cut yourself while rummaging through your backpack, and since you cannot fold this stainless steel knife. Some reviewers, however, said that the sheath is not very durable. It doesn’t complement the strong knife it is supposed to hold within.

This deer hunting knife has an orange Santoprene handle that provides an easy-to-grip texture for your safety and convenience. The manufacturers claim that it is made of advanced materials usually reserved for space ships, so that should tell you that this knife’s performance is out of this world. Kidding aside, this is a great choice for something that doesn’t even cost a hundred dollars.

Deer Hunting Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 92/100
Design And Functionality 88/100
Our Rating 91/100

The Forseto Steel Custom Hand-made Apache Gaan Damascus Hunting Knife is one unique contender in the deer hunting knife competition. Like its name suggests, it was hand-made, meaning there is that delicate human touch involved in the creation of this beauty. It is refreshing to find products like this that don’t involve the use of machines, because you could really tell that these will give you a great quality of service. The makers of these beautifully-designed knives poured out lots of attention and skill into each detail, ensuring that each one came out looking different.

The 4-inch blade is made of Damascus steel which allows for extra durability, while the handle itself is made of camel bone. Overall, the knife is only eight inches long. Hand-carved, this knife gives you an organic feel that really gets you into the mood for hunting.

This currently goes for a price of less than $90 dollars, so it is really friendly, budget-wise. Of course, that is not to say that this deer hunting knife cannot perform its cutting tasks well, simply because it is cheap. The blade is razor-sharp and efficient, as any hunter would want it to be.

Lastly, it comes with a hand-stitched sheathe that really gives it that authentic, natural vibe that brings out the animal instincts of every hunter.

Puma deer hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 92/100
Design And Functionality 85/100
Our Rating 89/100

Another beautiful deer hunting knife that offers an organic, natural feel for its user is the Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife. And what’s even more beautiful is the fact that it currently goes for a price of less than $70 dollars. You will definitely ease into the hunting vibe once you get a hold of this marvelous beauty.

This 9.4-inch deer hunting knife has a 4.7-inch curved blade, separated from the genuine stag handle by a brass finger guard. The appeal factor is strong in this one, and that’s because it was handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

The passion exerted by these craftsmen really resonates from the knife, because you can clearly see how much attention they poured into making these.

Being a fixed blade, you can expect ample durability from it, and it has a 55-57 Rockwell hardness rating that really supports that claim. This deer hunting knife is suitable for any hunter’s field dressing needs, as well as a few other purposes that you may not know yet until you are out there in the woods, hunting deer.

Like many other Puma knives, this one comes with a top grain leather sheath. This sheathe has been vegetable tanned, and finished with durable brown aniline.

The beauty of this deer hunting knife shines through its design, as well its wallet-friendly price.

Handmade deer hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 85/100
Our Rating 88/100

Have you ever encountered a knife that made you say “wow, this is gorgeous” upon first look? Well, the Custom Damascus Handmade Deer Hunting Knife is one of those rare products that can have reviewers speechless. Usually, the only reason you’d be speechless because of a knife is if a serial killer is in your house, holding one. But this one is an actual work of art.

You will stare at this 8-inch beauty, not because of fear, but because it is just so beautiful. This deer hunting knife is made of Damascus steel, and was handmade into perfection. All those lines and designs are the result of a skilled craftsman’s hard work.

The handle is made of burl wood, and held together by mosaic pins, making it smooth but easy to grip.

When reviewers were asked to complain about this knife’s service, they couldn’t come up with anything. Of course, that goes without saying that it does have some limitations, like any other knife.

Design-wise, this is something that couldn’t be easily justified by pictures. You will have to get a closer look and a closer feel of this deer hunting knife before you could truly appreciate its beauty.

With a 56-58 Rockwell hardness rating, it proves that it is more than just looks, and actually delivers in terms of service as well.

Handmade deer hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 88/100
Design And Functionality 88/100
Our Rating 86/100

You can now get a high quality knife service fit for a king, all thanks to the Handmade Hunting Knives: King “Janus” Damascus. Despite this deer hunting knife’s great service, you can actually get it for a price of less than $70 dollars.

Made with over 200 layers of Damascus steel, this handmade deer hunting knife can satisfy even the royal family. It boasts extreme sharpness and durability, thanks to the material used for the blade. The manufacturers claim that it can retain its sharp edge even after a few rough uses. But don’t take this too seriously, because even the toughest knives get dull after several tasks. So for an active hunter, the sharpness wouldn’t last very long, and will definitely not last forever. Sharpen your knives regularly.

That said, it is quite a durable knife. Having a fixed design, it comes with a sheathe. And in this case, even the sheathe was handmade and fine-crafted to perfection. It is the perfect fit for such a great deer hunting knife.

Other than its durability, the greatest asset of this blade is its price tag. If you are on a tight budget, this is a great option to go for. Not only is it well-designed, it also performs very well for most hunting tasks.

Buck deer hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 90/100
Our Rating 88/100

Another Buck deer hunting knife made it on this list, becoming a testament to the company’s knowledge in creating high quality knives for hunters of all ages. The Buck Hunting Knife 0691BKG Buck Zipper is the least expensive hunting knife on this list, but it delivers a great quality of service that could live up to the high expectations of people who have grown familiar with the brand.

At a price of a little over $60 dollars, this deer hunting knife gives you a textured rubber handle as well as a brass guard. These will work together to keep you from hurting yourself while field dressing.

The deer hunting knife is more than eight inches long overall, while the blade alone is more than four inches. This drop point knife also comes with a steel gut hook that you can use to sever organs from the game’s body, without harming the quality of the meat.

The reason it is called the Zipper is because it works just like one. The edge angle and the hook’s length perform beautifully together, making it easier to gut your game.

Lastly, it comes with Buck’s trademark “Forever Warranty” so that you can replace a defective knife anytime you wish.

Five Best Deer hunting knives in Amazon Best Sellers.

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Last, but not least..

Your Deer Hunting Knife is an essential tool for the success of your hunt, which comes right after the actual hunt. If that didn’t quite make any sense, this is the part when you try to make the most out of your prize, by skinning, gutting, and taking the meat from your game’s bones. The hunting knife makes it possible for you to accomplish all of these as effectively as possible (click here if you are more interested in fishing knife).

You will want a deer hunting knife that is easy to handle, easy to use, and wouldn’t let your hand slip accidentally onto the blade. You will want your knife cutting your game, not your hand. But most importantly, you will need your knife sharp.

There are many different shapes and sizes of hunting knives out there, and they can perform different tasks depending on their design. Just be sure to find that one blade that lets you do what you want to do with the prize you worked so hard for.

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