Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Review

Draw Weight

150 LB


320 FPS

Power Stroke

13 ''


8.5 LB

For hunters who are always up for a challenging hunting game, having a durable, efficient and accurate crossbow is of paramount importance. This is the tool that you need to succeed in targeting and capturing your prey. At first glance, you know that the Barnett Wildcat C5 is a highly durable hunting crossbow with its built and design, not to mention that the product is manufactured by a brand that has been producing crossbows in the United States for 50 years. As with anything else, durability is not the only consideration. You need to take a look at what it can offer, its specs and performance.

  • safety and design
  • specifications
  • performance

The compound crossbow is perfectly suitable either for target practice shooting or for actual hunting game. Once you use this hunting crossbow, you easily notice that it is a quiet model. There is no need to install silencers. In terms of performance, it does not disappoint as it gives you enough power and the accuracy that you need to aim for your target. Whether you are shooting from a 25 or a 40-yard distance, this crossbow gives you a complete pass-through. With the 425-grain arrow shot at 320 FPS, it gives 97. ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. This is not the highest one but it is more than enough even when you are in a tough hunting game. The Barnett Wildcat C5 also boasts of its outstanding accuracy.

Global Assessment 87/100

The Barnett Wildcat C5 is a crossbow designed for hunters. Whether you are searching for a crossbow for hunting games or target practice, this model can deliver. What you will like about Barnett Wildcat C5 is that it is durable, dependable and cheaper compared to other models. It is low-maintenance and easy to use. Although it may lack great features that you can find in top of the line crossbows, this is good enough if you are a beginner.

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