Alaska Knife Suregrip Coho

The Alaska Knife Suregrip Coho is an 8 inch fillet knife that is made of quality AUS-8A steel perfectly suitable not just for simply filleting but even for larger fishes.

Alaska Knife
Our Rating 86/100

In searching for a knife, there are actually various types of tools that you can find. If you need one for cutting medium to large fishes, you should find a product that is specifically designed for this function. One product that has been receiving good reviews is the Alaska Knife Suregrip Coho. Made in the United States, there is a high expectation about the brand. So, what makes this product popular?

Alaska Knife. Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 88/100

The Knives of Alaska Suregrip Coho Knife is an 8 inch fillet knife that is made of hollow ground blade. Made with quality AUS-8A steel, it features a razor sharp and solid blade that is designed for fillet work. Using a premium steel for its blade, you get to have a powerful tool that you can use for filleting larger sized fishes. On top of that, the Coho also features a full tang construction. The only downside is that it might a bit tough to have a good angle at first but when you finally get it, the fillet knife is easy and sharp to use. Its handle has a black rubberized Suregrip for stronger and a more convenient grip. In terms of product quality, the brand backs the product with a lifetime warranty coverage.

Alaska Knife. Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 89/100

How about the look of the Alaska Knife? The physical design is not something to rave about as it is not one of the most beautiful products out there. Yet, the product still has a clean and good look. Although it is not as attractive as other tools, it is specifically designed to have a stronger functionality. It is perfectly suitable for larger fishes. With its hollow ground blade, you will not have a hard time even when you are filleting the biggest fish. The Suregrip Polymer makes it easy for you to go through the task with ease and efficiency.


  • Made of premium steel that is robust, solid and sharp enough
  • Perfectly suitable for filleting small to larger fishes
  • Has a full tang construction making the knife highly durable and efficient
  • Alaska Knife made it easy for you even when filleting bigger fishes
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty coverage.


  • Not that flexible compared to other knifes
  • May give you a hard time getting a good edge

For its price, the Alaska Knife is still worth the purchase. It may not feature a very impressive and attractive design. But if you are in search for a knife that you can use for hardcore fillet work then this is one of the best that you can find. It is made of premium, strong and quality blade that can really deliver and last for a long time. Although you might have to take time to get a good edge, you can still easily work your way around with this knife. After all, this is a fillet knife created for larger sized fishes.

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