Wartech USA – Personalized Pocket Knife

Priced at $15, this personalized pocket knife is a small and a very lightweight tool. You can use it for hidden usage and for outdoors too. It is also a great gift for people who really enjoy the outdoors. If you are in search of a really small knife that you can put in your pocket and you can efficiently use, this knife might just be the one you need.

But its product strength does not entirely depend on its size. The knife although it is not as powerful as other tactical knives in the market seems like a good tool for the outdoors. Let’s have a look.

Personalized Pocket Knife
UH Rating 91 / 100

Blade Material

440 Stainless Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Partial Serrated

Handle Material and Design

Aluminum Handle

Handle and Blade Quality

Featuring a 3.25 inches black stainless steel serrated blade, this engraved pocket knife is truly unique. The partial serrated tanto blade gives you enough quality that you need to have a reliable tactical knife. But for its price, you really cannot expect much from it especially since this is just a pocket knife. Unlike other knives that are dual edge or have undergone certain blade treatments to have a more durable and sharp blade, you can rely on the durability and the quality of its blade but not if you intend to use it for heavy duty tasks.

It comes with a beautiful handle that matches the color of the black blade. What makes this a great gift to buy? You can personalize the handle since it has a free space for 12 characters. The knife has a seat belt cutter as well as glass breaker including a pocket clip.

Design and Functionality

With a 4.5 closed measure, this is just perfectly sized for those who are looking for a really light and small knife that you can easily carry anywhere you go. And not only that, it has a unique and beautiful design. The black blade matches the black handle which gives you that mysterious, deadly and powerful weapon. So in terms of aesthetic value, this knife is at par with other pocket knives. It has black thumb stud on the sides and its blade features liner locking for safety.


  • Great gift
  • 4.5 closed measure
  • Glass breaker included


  • Not for heavy duty tasks

How about the functionality? Considering that this is a small and foldable knife, you really cannot expect much from it. If you want to use it for a wide range of applications, remember it is just a pocket knife. However, if you need an efficient and small knife for the usual task that you do outdoors, a tool that comes in really handy when needed, this personalized pocket knife from Wartech USA will not disappoint. It is durable and it has just enough sharpness that you can expect from a pocket knife. Now whether this knife offers complete functionality, this view is rather subjective considering that outdoorsmen have varying needs for the tool.

Personalized Pocket Knife: Last Toughts

Do we recommend buying the personalized pocket knife from Wartech USA? Reviewing this knife based on its features and specs and comparing with the price, this is a good buy not just for personal use but also as a gift. It is a small, foldable and lightweight knife that you can easily carry outdoors. When it comes to its functionality, it can deliver at least what is expected from a pocket knife which is definitely a useful tool for tactical, hunting and other applications.

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