Perkin Handmade Hunting Knife – 440c Steel

The Perkin Handmade Hunting Knife is made of 440c steel that scores 56 to 59 hardness on a Rockwell scale. Simple in design but superb in functionality, it has almost everything you need in a basic working knife.

Handmade Hunting Knife
Our Rating 92/100

A hunting knife is a vital tool for any hunter and for those who are into outdoor activities. In buying one, you get to face different kinds of products from various makers. With almost all brands claiming that they can give you solid and durable knife, it helps that you weigh your choices and get into the specific details. The Perkin Knives appears to be a wise choice but can it meet your expectations?

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 90/100

Reasonably priced in online stores, the brand has caught the attention of many. This hunting knife is made of stainless steel that exudes a high quality blade that you can efficiently use for any task. On the Rockwell scale, Perkin Knives scores 56-58 Hrc which is already a good one especially if you are in search for a sturdy knife that you can use for a wide variety of use and applications. Its 7 inches blade length made of 440C steel and 5 inches handle made of genuine leather gives you ample strength and razor sharp quality that might be a bit hard to find in an affordable priced hunting knife like what this brand can offer.

Perkin Handmade Hunting Knife. Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 93/100

In terms of the design, you will be surprised with its aesthetic value. It is a beautiful knife that highlights craftsmanship that can deliver way more beyond its design. As the product comes with a genuine leather sheath, you can easily carry and use Perkin Knives Handmade Hunting Knife. You will be surprised with the functionality that it can give. With the easy to grip handle, you will not have any trouble with control. With its sharp razor blade, you can basically use it for any application. Whether it is a simply cutting task or a much more complicated task, it is quite a revelation that this product exceeds expectations.


  • Relatively cheaper compare to other hunting knives that you can find
  • Has a simple design that has aesthetic value
  • Gives you a sharp blade simply perfect for any application
  • Offers you great functionality
  • Sturdy enough use even for heavy duty task
  • Easy to handle and grip giving you more control


  • There are fake Perkin Knives for sale.
  • There is no available information regarding the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer.

Given its affordable price, the Perkin Knives Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife with Sheath and Sharpener is definitely a good choice. If you are looking for a relatively cheaper hunting knife that can still deliver, this brand will not disappoint you. Its design may not be as dashing and intricate as other products out there but when it comes to quality and functionality, you can rely on what it can offer. From simple cutting tasks to difficult ones, this handmade knife is suitable for any task. One might just be surprised with what the brand can give you. The only downside is that consumers have to be careful since there are fake Perkin Knives that are sold online.

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