Knife King “Emperor” Custom Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife

Knife King

Knife King "Emperor" Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife is a reasonably priced hunting knife that is made of Dasmascus steel featuring a tough, sturdy and sharp blade perfect for hunters.

Our Rating 87/100

For heavy duty tasks and tough applications, you cannot simply use an ordinary knife. You need to invest in a quality hunting knife that is specifically created and designed for hunters. Among the most top rated brands is the Knife King "Emperor" Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife. What are the features of this product that makes it popular not just among outdoorsmen?

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 88/100

The Knife King "Emperor" is not just any name for the product. The knife lives up to its name with its solid and razor sharp blade that makes use of 15N25 and 1075 with more than 200 layers of Damascus steel. The product has a hardness of about 58 to 60 Hrc when measured on Rockwell scale. This 4.5 inch blade with a 5 inch handle made of Walnut wood is a knife that has a sharp blade and fine edge that can deliver. Compare to other brands, the blade of Desert Storm might be a bit shorter but you will be amazed since this knife can actually be substantial. It can fit any hand but it is still a sturdy knife. Made of quality materials, you only get to have a quality blade.

Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 86/100

Knife King exudes elegance with its Damascus pattern which you can barely find in any other knife. It is simply aesthetically appealing making the product look well-made and beautiful. The entire look is complemented with its genuine leather sheath. But aside from its nice design, it offers you great functionality. This handmade knife is simply perfect not just for simple applications but even for tough use. With its razor sharp and sturdy design, you get to have a tool that for rough use and even for Bushcraft activities. With its extremely sharp blade, it is an ideal tool for hunters.


  • The brand makes use of quality material and a Damascus steel known for its strength
  • Has sharp and fine edge that is perfect even for rough use
  • Solid and sturdy which suits even tough or heavy duty applications
  • The design looks impressive with its Damascus pattern
  • Comes with a genuine leather sheath
  • Workability of the knife is very commendable as it is really sharp
  • Does not easily slip in your hands with its handle
  • Quite affordable


  • No available information regarding product warranty coverage
  • The knife might be a bit small for some.

Offered at such a reasonable price, Knife King is simply a wise choice if you are searching for quality working knife without hurting your pocket. The downsides of the brand are simply neglible. This product is well-created and nicely designed that also features a sharp blade that you can effectively use for a wide variety of purposes. Simply ideal for Butchcraft activities, Desert Storm might be smaller compare to others but you will be surprised with what it has to offer. The craftsmanship of this item is way beyond expectations.

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