Hunting Crossbow Buying Guide

Taking on a hunting game requires you to have a reliable and top quality hunting crossbow that will help you effectively hit and target your prey. With a wide variety of crossbows varying in features and specifications, it is quite challenging to choose the kind of crossbow that fits your budget, your shooting style, and level of skill. To save you time, here is a comprehensive guide in helping you choose the perfect crossbow for a successful hunt:

​Kinds of Hunting Crossbow

Prior to Buying a crossbow, you need to know the different kinds of hunting crossbows. Basically, there are 2 main types of crossbows widely used today: the recurve crossbow and the compound crossbow. How does this two differ?

A recurve crossbow features a longer draw length and bent limbs which make this design give more speed and reduced vibration and hand shock. Another thing that you notice with its design is that it has tips that curve away from the crossbow.

compound crossbow is known as the modern hunting crossbow. When you look at its design, you can see its limbs are stiff compared to a recurve crossbow. Because of its stiffness, it is energy efficient. The only downside is that it requires more effort to draw the bow.

Hunting Crossbow

Your choice of hunting crossbow would depend on your personal preference. If you are looking for a kind of crossbow suitable for tight spots, a compound crossbow is easy to use since they feature shorter limbs making it easy for maneuvering. But if you are looking for a crossbow that is user friend, the best choice is the recurve crossbow.

Taking in mind that crossbows are my favorite weapons for hunting, I will advise you to answer yourself to the most important questions from my point of view, before choosing the one for you:

  1. In what conditions are you going to hunt, will it be a hunt from an ambush or from an approach? The most important characteristics you must note are Actual Weight and Draw Weight. In my opinion with a lighter crossbow, will be easier to hunt from an approach.
  2. What will be you target, will it be a small or a large animal? Here you must look at the power of crossbow, which depend from the Power Stroke and the Velocity. I never go for a deer with my crossbow for a rabbit…
Take Into Consideration Your Skills and Needs

When searching for that best hunting crossbow, there are plenty of choices. They vary in prices, specs, features and design. That is why before you get one, take into consideration your skills. You do not necessarily need a top of the line, expensive and feature-packed crossbow that is specifically designed for experienced hunters if you are just a beginner. If you have just started, find the crossbow that meets your budget, but fits your hunting style and can give you the power and accuracy you need. You also need to take into consideration the built and design. For instance, there are certain crossbows that are slightly heavier over the others while there are models that are small framed perfectly suitable for women and for those who are looking for lighter crossbows.

What to Look For

Once you have identified your set budget range and your needs, it is now relatively easier to weigh your options. Crossbows have their set of unique features and specs. First is to look for the overall built and design of the hunting crossbow. Does it look robust and sturdy? In as much as you need an efficient and powerful crossbow, you also want to make sure that it is durable enough. Other features and specs that you need to consider the following:

Actual Weight: The next thing to look for is the actual weight of the package. You need a lightweight crossbow so you can easily carry it while you are hunting.

Draw Weight: This would depend on the kind of hunting activity you engage in. Crossbow packages these days have draw weight ranging from 75 to 200 pounds. If you like deer hunting, going for a 150-pound draw weight is the best choice.

Power Stroke: The bigger the power stroke means that the arrow travels faster. This feature makes a crossbow package expensive. But many hunters prefer to have this feature especially since it gives more power.

Velocity: This is another characteristic that affects to the power of crossbows. It measured in FPS (Feet Per Second). The more FPS means that the speed of the arrow will be higher.

Trigger: This might be the major factor to look for, but you also have to look at the trigger of the crossbow. It needs to be smooth and easy so you won’t have any difficulty when you fire the shot.

Quality Optics: You also need to look at the quality of optics for optimal clarity. Look at the scope, laser sight, and red dot sight. You need a premium and reliable scope that will help you sight in perfectly. This is essential to help you target your prey.

Quality of Arrows: The accuracy of your shot would also depend on the quality of arrows. Make sure that the arrows are durable and decent enough to give you better accuracy when you fire the shot.

Reading Reviews about Best Hunting Crossbows

Reading reviews can also be a big help especially when you are having a hard time deciding which brand and model to get. When you read reviews, you get to know the specific details of the crossbow package. You also get a feel of what the hunting crossbow would be like if ever you buy it. From the safety and design, features and specs to its over-all performance, knowing how it works and the product details enable you to make the best choice.