FirstEdge 5050 Survival Fixed Blade Plain Edge Knife

When it comes to choosing a survival tool, you would definitely want to purchase a blade that military men use. These gears that use specifications that meet such standards are undeniably top quality and not to mention very efficient. And they know exactly the kind of survival tools that can be effectively used for different functions. Designed in partnership with the United States Special Forces, FirstEdge 5050 is priced at $350. But this is a survival tool that has a lot to offer in terms of its specs and quality. From how the blade looks, you already get to see that this is a strong knife that which makes it look really promising. Is the knife up to our expectations? Let’s have a look.

FirstEdge 5050 Survival Knife
UH Rating 95 / 100

Blade Material

ELMAX Stainless Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Clip Point

Handle Material and Design

Coarse Textured G-10

Handle and Blade Quality

Made from Elmax steel drop point with a Rockwell hardness of 59-62, you can never question a full tang constructed FirstEdge 5050 especially when it comes to its blade quality. It uses removal G10 scales which make it easy to use and since the blade is covered entirely with black oxide coating, it gives you that durability unlike no other. Usually, coatings eventually wear down but what you will like about the blade quality of this tool is that is endures making it a really great piece of steel that can last long. For its price, the finish as well as the fit is worth it. The knife has an over-all length of 11 3/8’’ and handle length of 5 ½’’.

In terms of ergonomics, the 5050 features a big handle. This knife compared to other models from the same brand is taller and thicker. But what is nice about the large handle is that even if your don’t have large hands, they still work well for you. The only drawback is that some might find the handle a bit uncomfortable. With the integrated lanyard loop, you get to have a strong grip when you use the knife for chopping.

Design and Functionality

Apart from being designed for heavy duty use, this knife can also take on even extreme temperature conditions with its 3 layer design sheath. You can even disassemble the sheath which makes it a whole lot easier to clean. You also can find a drain hole at the bottom. The kydex provides good retention coupled with a snap closure on the belt loop.


  • Designed with U.S. Special Force
  • ELMAX steel
  • The sheath is perfect


  • It is quite heavy

How about the functionality? This is gear can take on a hard beating. Weather you need it for stave-cutting or for firewood preparation, it does the work well. The only problem is that it is quite heavy (weighs about 17.5 oz). This can be a major concern especially for some outdoorsmen who want to use a daily guide-knife that is lightweight and portable. Then again, this would vary from one to another depending on the person’s needs.

FirstEdge 5050 Survival Knife: Last Toughts

The FirstEdge 5050 is somewhat more expensive than the other choices that you can find. But if you are going to take a closer look at its design and specs, it is worth the price. It is a full tang constructed blade using a top quality material giving you a sturdy and highly durable survival tool that is simply perfect for outdoors not to mention that it is ready to take on any heavy duty work and can perform even under extreme temperature conditions. The knife might be slightly heavier and have a large handle which can either be a major concern for some or can be considered negligible for others. But over-all if weight is not your primary consideration, this knife has a lot to give.

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