ESEE 3P Uncoated Blade and Sheath with Micarta Handles

The knife making industry now has a wide range of products. They come in different finishes, using various materials as well as features and specifications. But one cannot deny a top quality blade. Among one of these tools that has been considered to be the best buy in the market is the ESEE 3P. Looking at its portable and lightweight designed, it seems like a truly good choice for outdoor use. Let’s take a look at the quality and performance? Does it hit the mark? Priced at $100, this knife looks promising.

ESEE 3P Knife
UH Rating 95 / 100

Blade Material

1095 Carbon Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Clip Point

Handle Material and Design

Removable Micarta Hendle

Handle and Blade Quality

The brand uses a 1095 carbon steel which is a top blade quality. It is a fixed blade steel that features stonewash finish and has a plain cutting edge. It can hold an edge really well but it is quite easy to sharpen. And for those who prefer that their knives are not coated, you now have the option to order a blade without coatings. This is what customers like about ESEE as they offer different coating and even color variations depending on the needs and preferences of the their customers.

The micarta handle of this gear is with desert tan finish. The molded sheath is with with boot clip, cord lock and paracord with ½ inch thick. This will perfectly fit the hand even for those who have large hands. It has a choil that allows you to choke up on the knife when you are doing some cutting work. Unlike other knives that have leather sheaths, the ESEE 3P has a stiff sheath. What happens is that it is quite difficult for you to remove the knife. However, eventually this will loosen up especially if you are always using the knife.

Design and Functionality

The ESEE 3P Knife is designed to be lightweight (8 ounces) which makes it easy to carry around. You can just put it inside a bag or even in your survival kit. For its weight, it gives you more leverage which makes this tool easy to use. Another amazing feature of this knife is that it has a ½ down drop point. This is giving you a good curve on the blade’s belly.

In terms of the blade length, this varies from one to another. But for its length at 3.88 inches, this is already a very useable tool, unless you prefer having a bigger knife.


  • Extremely durable and hard 1095 Carbon Steel
  • It is lightweight
  • Well balanced


  • Sometimes it is hard to remove a knife from the sheath

Since this knife is made from carbon steel, you can expect a tool that is sharp enough and can hold an edge really well. Just keep in mind that you need to keep the blade lubricated and make sure it is clean to avoid stains and rut. ESEE 3P has a top quality blade suitable for hard use but over time it will still stain and rust especially without proper care and maintenance.

ESEE 3P Knife: Last Toughts

For the price of this knife, you wouldn’t expect too much but you wouldn’t be disappointed either. This is a lightweight knife that uses high quality steel and has Micarta handle making it very easy to use. In terms of performance, the ESEE Knife with Micarta Handles can actually deliver since carbon steel knives are really sharp and can give you long lasting edge. This blade has its share of downsides. Yet if you are going to weigh what you can get against the price, this is a good buy. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend more, you can always find other knives that have better specs. So go ahead and check our page for some of the best survival tools that you can find.

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