CFK Cutlery Company IPAK USA Bulldog Custom Handmade Hunter Skinner Bushcraft Knife

If you are into camping, hunting or any outdoor activity and sport, having a reliable tool that you can use for different purposes is truly essential. Are you looking for a thick tracker? The CFK Cutlery might just be the one you need. This knife priced at $89.99 is a .24 inch. thick knife that features a 59HRC tempered edge. A kind of gear that you can find really useful when you are outdoors, there are so many things to like about this knife. Is this the one you need? Let’s have a closer look at its specs.

CFK Cutlery Company IPAK USA Bulldog
UH Rating 99 / 100

Blade Material

59HRC D2 Tool Steel

Blade Size


Blade Type


Blade Styles

Drop Point

Handle Material and Design

Black & Tan Camo Non-Slip Durable Micarta

Handle and Blade Quality

Judging based on how its look, you can easily say that this is a well-crafted knife. The tool features a 6 1/8’’ blade with .25 inches thick. What you will like about this gear is that it showcases a 59HRC tempered edge. In terms of its over-all built, the knife has a strong and durable blade. This is the kind of tool that you can last for a long period of time. It is safely designed for survival uses and for other functions from chopping, camping, hunting, hacking, bushcraft and a whole lot more. Depending on your style, you can choose the color. It is available in colors camouflage, black and tan.

To make sure that the knife is safely secured, it comes with a handcrafted leather horizontal belt sheath that is custom fit. It also has a ferrocerium fire starter yet, a truly useful knife for the outdoors.

Design and Functionality

The design of the knife is well-made but how about its specifications? The CFK Cutlery D2 isn’t short when it comes to the specs that you need from a powerful blade.

For one it has a 10 5/8’’ overall and 6 1/8’’ blade with top cutting edge at 3 1/2’’ .The blade width is just enough to give you ease of use (2 3/8’’). The handle is long enough (4 5/8’’) to allow you to do any task from cutting to hunting.

Its glade sports a handmade D2 tool steel hollow grind full tang blade. The knife blade is vacuum hardened to about 59HRC giving you a balanced blade that is really sharp.

The handles are created using black and tan camo which is non-slip. And since it is using durable linen Micarta handles, you can easily use the knife. It also comes with a brown buffalo leather carry sheath that is of high quality.

On top of that, the brand offers a lifetime replacement guarantee coverage.


  • Big non-slip handle
  • Horizontal brown buffalo leather carry sheath
  • The lifetime replacement guarantee coverage


  • It is not a fighting knife.

Given the design and specs of the CFK Cutlery D2 Tool, this blade has a lot to give. But its strength does not entirely rely on its design and specs. In terms of performance, this gear is an incredible knife. The blade is really sharp and balanced. It is a ready to go tool that you can use for a wide range of purposes whether for indoor or outdoor use. The great thing about this knife is that it is designed for heavy duty use which means that it can really take a beating. You can’t expect much for the sheath. But apart from that, this knife is a straight grind.

CFK Cutlery IPAK USA Bulldog Knife: Last Toughts

For its price, the CFK Hunting Knife IPAK USA Buildog Custom Handmade D2 Tool is a good buy. It may not be as lavishly designed as the other blades that you can find but in terms of its built, use and performance, you truly get the money you pay for. It is suitable even for heavy duty use and not to mention that you can use it for a wide range of tasks. The blade is sharp and you know it will last.

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