Buck Ergohunter Pro Knife with Guthook Ring

The Buck Ergohunter Pro hunting knife with Guthook Ring is a quality 9 ¾’’ knife made of S30 steel that is specifically designed for hunters and for those who are looking for a solid tool that they can use for different applications.

Buck Ergohunter
Our Rating 94/100

Buck is considered to be one of the oldest brands manufacturing different knives. Being in the industry for quite a long time, it is sure a brand that you can trust. There is one product from Buck that has been getting good feedback- the Buck Ergohunter Pro Knife. To see if this tool is a perfect fit, you do not just rely on the brand’s reputation of producing quality blades. You also have to look at its specific features and specifications.

Buck Ergohunter Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 90/100

The Buck Ergohunter is a 9 ¾’’ pro knife that is made of S30V steel. This tool features a Guthook ring that is made from 420HC steel and suitable for field dressing. What is nice with the blade is that it has a swedge at the top which suits well for cutting and skinning. It has a full tang construction and with its handle made of Alcryn rubber and Rosewood Dymondwood, it does not easily slip in your hands giving you a steady and solid grip. With the brand offering a lifetime warranty coverage, you can be pretty much sure that this can last long.

Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 94/100

The Buck Knives Family Traditional Adrenaline - Pro Rosewood with PakLite Guthook is specifically built to give precision and quality. Not only is it a nice looking blade, it also gives you the functionality that you need. It has an ergonomic design that is specifically created for hunters. With a razor sharp blade that is strong enough to take on any task, Ergohunter is definitely a good choice of knife. You can use it for a wide variety of tasks from boning, skinning to caping. It works in so many ways that you can use it not just for simple applications but even for tough ones. For secured storage, it comes with a nylon sheath.


  • Features an S30 Stainless Steel that is solid and razor sharp to deliver you maximum performance
  • The handle is made of black Alcryn for a much more secured grip.
  • The product features a nylon sheath.
  • Comes with a Buck Forever Warranty coverage
  • Very comfortable to use and reduce hand fatigue
  • Perfectly suitable for outdoor use and even for rough applications and tasks
  • Comes with a Guthook ring that you can use for field dressing


  • It might be a bit hard to clean the knife.
  • Some might find it a bit long.

With the brand’s reputation of creating some of the best hunting knives that you can find, you can never go wrong in choosing Buck Ergohunter. It has a minor downside since you will notice that is a very small gap in between the blade and the handle which be a little bit difficult to clean. But apart from this, the Ergohunter gives you all of the features and functionalities that you are looking for in a pro knife. The blade is high quality, sharp and built to improve your hunting performance. It is a very useful tool that has many uses and functions.

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