Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Reviews

Are you interested in starting a new hobby and want to try out hunting? By this time you may have already done a little research about how it is done, and have mentally prepared yourself for the great outdoors. But you are not yet completely ready until you have all the right equipment.

As many experienced hunters will tell you, you will need to bring a few tools to make sure that your hunting trip will be successful.

And one of these essential tools is the fixed blade hunting knife. These are the sharp blades hunters use to skin, gut, bone, and prepare their game. It can also be used for general cutting purposes when you are in your camp site, which is why no hunter leaves home without one.

These useful tools come in many different shapes and forms, and it can be confusing to buy one that is suitable for your needs.

But not to worry: on this guide we will be focusing on the fixed blade hunting knife, which is one of the most common variations out there. These are generally handy to have around, so might as well buy one of these if you are not sure about what you need.

Now if you are a regular hunter, and you are just looking for a nice knife to bring to your next journey, then all you have to do is read on.

Here we will show you some of the best fixed hunting knives that you can possibly get your hands on.

Benchmade Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 93/100
Design And Functionality 92/100
Our Rating 94/100

The Benchmade Knife 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter proves to be another addition to the company’s list of great knives. Benchmade is a trusted company that has been designing and manufacturing all sorts of edged tools for over two decades now. And when you check out the knives they create, you would agree that they are indeed ‘world-class’.

Not many people will argue with this, but the Hidden Canyon Hunter is truly an amazing fixed blade hunting knife that has been impressing hunters all over the globe since it was first introduced. With a very short blade that only measures a little over two inches, this is not an intimidating knife to look at. But its performance says otherwise, because it can definitely slice in all the right spots, with the help of its modified clip-point design, and premium stainless steel blade.

This fixed blade hunting knife has an overall length of 6.32 inches, which helps boost its appeal because it can fit perfectly in your hand. And since this fixed knife is so small, you would also find it easy it control and handle. You can freely do your field dressing without much problem.

Now the only complaint that people have over this fixed blade hunting knife is that its leather sheath lies horizontally instead of vertically. It can be a bit inconvenient because it takes time to get used to. But overall, the knife itself is outstanding.

It gives great value for your money too, because it currently costs a little over $100 dollars. Not only will it fit well in your hand, it will also fit your budget nicely!

Perkin Handmade Hunting Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 93/100
Our Rating 92/100

Hunting knives are supposed to be durable. They should be able to withstand force, because that’s exactly what you will be using when you start field dressing. They should not dull quickly, and must easily be sharpened. Generally, fixed knives are more durable than folding ones. Also, handmade knives are often more durable than plain manufactured ones, because craftsmen take time into forging those beauties. Here we have a fixed blade hunting knife that checks off all the right marks in the durability department.

These Perkin Knives is a handmade, fixed blade hunting knife that gives you a lot of value for your money. It currently costs a little over $80 dollars, but many people would gladly pay three times that price for this great blade.

Speaking of which, this one has a razor sharp blade that will conveniently cut up most of the things you will require it to cut off, be it skin, organs, or meat.

This fixed blade hunting knife has a 56-58 rating on the Rockwell hardness scale, and comes with a handmade leather sheath. It is noticeably heavier than other knives, but it does have a Bowie design that should make your tasks easier to complete. All of these factors combine to make a truly useful knife that you would love to have around while you are hunting.

Damascus Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 94/100
Design And Functionality 89/100
Our Rating 92/100

Isn’t it refreshing to know that some of the tools available in the market today aren’t machine made, but rather hand-crafted? With these kinds of products, you can be sure that enough attention to detail was poured out by the skilled craftsmen who manufactured them from traditional techniques.

This is exactly how the Forseti Steel Custom Handmade “Crazy Horse” Damascus Fixed Blade Hunting Knife was born.

Each one of these knives may have been shaped and created the same way, but they always come out unique from the rest of their siblings, because they have been handmade from Damascus steel.

This fixed blade hunting knife has a razor sharp blade that measures more than 4 inches, and a handle that was crafted from olive wood, walnut and buffalo horn. Overall, it measures more than 9 inches long. It also has a hand ground secondary bevel on the cutting edge, adding to its sharpness.

It boasts a 264 layer rain drop pattern, which has been hand forged onto the Damascus steel, creating a beautifully artistic knife. When you are not busy using it for preparing game, you would often be admiring this knife’s design.

If looks could kill, this great blade would have already killed several hunters in the field.

Buck Knives
Blade And Handle Quality 91/100
Design And Functionality 92/100
Our Rating 90/100

Have you ever seen a product that just made you speechless with its impressive design? The Buck 0120 General Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is one of those hunting knives that left reviewers speechless, if not completely praising its quality.

While you don’t necessarily have to be at a loss for words, this is a truly great knife to start out with. It has more than 7 inches of steel that serves as its blade, as well as a Cocobola Dymondwood handle that comes with a pristine brass pommel and guard.

With its solid construction, great design, and utility, you will find this fixed blade hunting knife perfect for skinning, gutting, deboning, and field dressing your game. It also helps that it has the Buck family name to enhance its appeal to the masses. We all know how people trust that company when it comes to producing great knives. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Buck product if it doesn’t come with the signature “forever warranty” feature.

Being a fixed blade, it requires a sheath. Good thing that is also provided by Buck, and it comes in the form of genuine leather. This is one of the best material you could possibly use for a knife sheath, and that’s the reason why it is so commonly used.

Prepare to be amazed by this great fixed blade hunting knife, and get ready to be left speechless by its cutting capabilities.

Buck Knives 0119
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 91/100
Our Rating 90/100

The word ‘buck’ can mean different things for hunters. It can refer to the animal that hunters hunt; it can be the money they spend on finding the right tools; or it can be that remarkable brand that has been producing high quality knives for at least four generations.

Here we have another Buck fixed blade hunting knife that managed to make it on our list, thanks to its great design and overall utility. The Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is another proof that the manufacturing company has definitely figured out the formula for creating the best of the best hunting knives.

This one in particular offers a large clip blade made of more than 6 inches of steel. The clip point is one of the most common knife designs, which allows for quicker and deeper incisions. So if you ever find yourself without a hunting dagger, this should be a worthy replacement, since it is perfect for quick stabs.

The overall length of this knife is 10 and a half inches, which is a bit longer than the other fixed blade hunting knife on this list. It comes with a Cocobola Dymondwood handle that comes in either a wood and brass color, or a black and silver design. With a genuine leather sheath and a superior cutting performance, this fixed blade hunting knife is definitely worth a look.

fixed blade hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 88/100
Design And Functionality 90/100
Our Rating 88/100

Here we have yet another Buck Knives creation that is worthy of holding its place among the best. The Buck Vanguard 192BR is easily the least expensive among the other Buck Knives on this list, going for less than $70 dollars. But that doesn’t mean it is any less amazing.

In fact, the company lists it as their all-purpose field knife, meaning they expect it to withstand most of the tasks you attempt to accomplish with it. That’s a lot to expect for a fixed blade hunting knife that has a blade of only 4 inches long.

But in reality, that blade length is actually beneficial because it lets you control it more easily. You can skin your game without tearing off its muscle and ligaments, thereby saving the meat’s quality.

The stainless steel blade has a drop point design, meaning it provides even more turning control while you are using it.

This blade is held by a Heritage Walnut Dymondwood Handle with a polished brass guard, so you can grip it more firmly without the risk of getting cut. This fixed blade hunting knife has an overall length of more than 8 inches, and comes with a genuine leather sheath for your convenience.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Buck Knives product if it doesn’t go with the brand’s unconditional Lifetime Warranty, also known as the “forever warranty.”

To sum it up, this is a brilliant knife for the prize, worthy of being passed on to your great grandchildren.

fixed blade hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 88/100
Design And Functionality 86/100
Our Rating 87/100

Durability is the name of the game when it comes to fixed hunting knives. That’s because you don’t want a knife that easily gets dull or gets chipped within the first few uses. No hunter wants to go through all that trouble, and that’s the reason you are trying to get a good fixed blade hunting knife in the first place – to make your life easier.

Now the Knife King “Emperor” Custom Damascus Handmade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife knows this all too well. In fact, it promises to deliver an impressive service, even after several rough uses. The manufacturers of this handmade knife claim that it will retain its sharpness no matter how tough you are while handling it. And while it may be tempting to believe that it’s true, all knives turn dull after repeated usage.

Nevertheless, it is quite a strong knife to have by your side. The blade is razor sharp and rock solid. In fact, it has a hardness rating of 58-60 on the Rockwell scale.

This handmade fixed blade hunting knife is made of over 200 layers of fine-crafted Damascus steel, and its design is capable of attracting hunters and collectors alike. At a price of a little over $60 dollars, that is definitely a good bargain.

Blade And Handle Quality 92/100
Design And Functionality 90/100
Our Rating 90/100

One look at this beautiful blade and it might have your jaw dropping. The KA-BAR USMC Fighting Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is a sight to behold with its 7-inch straight edge blade and artistically-crafted leather handle. You might want to add it to your collection if you are into that.

But the true beauty of this fixed blade hunting knife lies in its functionality. This was originally designed to serve troops during the World War II. Several years into the future and this knife is still being used regularly as a fighting knife.

That is exactly what it is – it is primarily a fighting fixed blade hunting knife. So this is perfect for self-defense, providing protection for its wielder during those crucial last seconds of danger. But since we are all hunters and aspiring hunters here, what matters for us is its ability to serve us during our time in the woods.

And it does that job perfectly well. It is razor sharp and easy to use, allowing you to breeze through the slicing and field dressing process.

So buying this fixed blade hunting knife is like having to tools in one. You can use this mainly for hunting and preparing game, but when danger arises, this is also a great fighting knife.

fixed blade hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 88/100
Design And Functionality 88/100
Our Rating 86/100

What kind of knife can you usually expect to buy with a budget of less than $60 dollars? Well, we’re sure you would be surprised to hear that with this budget, you can buy a fixed blade hunting knife that converts into a spear and can also be used as a hammer.

That description may have confused you a little, but it surely caught your attention. Thankfully, we didn’t lie when we said that the Gerber LMF II Survival Fixed Blade Hunting Knife can be used as all of those things.

It has a knife design, wherein the 4.8-inch blade is slightly serrated, so you can use it as a saw when times get rough. If you ever find the need to break through glass during an emergency situation, you can use the bottom side of the knife as a hammer to pierce right through it. That’s because the butt cap is made of stainless steel. The manufacturers also included holes that you can use to improvise and extend the knife’s range, basically converting it into a spear for long distance piercing.

This fixed blade hunting knife is the ultimate survival knife. The creators of this knife made it so that you wouldn’t have to worry about having the right kind of knife for a specific situation.

Lastly, the sheath has an integrated sharpener. What more can you ask for? This Gerber LMF II is an excellent hunting tool that redefines the word ‘useful.’

fixed blade hunting knife
Blade And Handle Quality 85/100
Design And Functionality 86/100
Our Rating 84/100

There are a lot of inexpensive knives out there, but not all of them will give you great quality, or a long-lasting service. The BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is one of those knives that are affordable, yet awesome. Currently being the cheapest fixed blade hunting knife on this list puts a lot of pressure on it, to prove its worth. And yet it fulfills our expectations gracefully, by giving you the exact kind of service you can get from a pricier knife. Have we mentioned that it goes for a price of only a little over $50 dollars?

This is more of a survival knife in its most basic form, meaning it can go with whatever activity you find yourself doing in the woods, be it deer hunting, or camping, or hiking. This fixed blade hunting knife has a classic Pakka wood handle, making it look organic, and easy to grip.

The blade itself is strong and sturdy, not to mention incredibly sharp. And while a lot of the great knives on this list already provide that, this one has a blade that is corrosion-resistant – a quality that none of the others bothered to mention.

For the price, it also comes with a Magnesium Fire Starter, an LED Flashlight, and a belt pouch to hold everything in place. That’s not a bad deal at all.

Final Words

The key difference between fixed and folding knives is obvious. The blade cannot be moved for the former, while the blade folds into the handle for the latter. While both of these can provide different advantages for their users, the fixed knives are generally more durable, while the folding ones are more convenient to hold and store.

People usually go for the fixed blade hunting knives if they prefer a strong and long-lasting performance. If this is what you are after as well, then the examples on this list should provide you with just the right service that you need when you are out there in the woods.

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