Choose Your Best Fishing Knife That Money Can Buy

There are some who like hunting and catching fish. While they would usually be called fishermen, they are still hunters in their own right. This hobby is fulfilling if you like relaxing in the middle of the lake while waiting for a catch. This is also rewarding if you are your home’s local chef and you like preparing fish for dinner. Whether you like catching your own ingredients, or you just want to try out cooking fish, you will need a good fishing knife for the task. This is different from your regular hunting knives because their purpose is to help you skin and prepare your fish. Observing their appearance and the way they function, you could tell that fishing knives (also known as filleting knives or fish fillet knives) rise up to a different set of tasks.

If you would like to have your very own fishing knife for your kitchen, then you are in luck. This guide can recommend a few of the best fishing knife ones you could possibly own. Once you get a hold of these marvelous knives, you will be filleting fish one after the other.


SOG S95-N Tomcat 3.0 Fishing Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 94/100
Design And Functionality 91/100
Our Rating 94/100

It’s no secret that products can receive awards especially if they are of exceptional quality. Their manufacturers are given approving nods to help motivate them into creating more and more beautiful items. The knife-making industry is not exempted from this. In fact, we are now going to introduce you to an award-winning knife that is sure to please any user.

Meet the SOG Tomcat 3.0 Folding Knife S95-N - Satin Polished 3.75" VG-10 Blade. This fishing knife is like the Rolex of fishing knives, as one reviewer put it, and that’s because it is so convenient and easy to use. It’s greatness is further solidified by the fact that it won the overall “knife of the year” award back in 1988.

That also goes to prove that it has been around for so long, meaning it has pleased so many people over the years. Let’s now look at the specific details.

This straight edge fishing knife has a 3.75-inch steel folding blade, which has a clip point design. This makes it suitable for piercing into fish flesh. It has a satin finish, giving it a bit more durability, as well as a stylish, shiny exterior. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip, being made of kraton, which is commonly substituted for rubber.

Who would’ve thought that you could get an award-winning knife for a price of a little over $150 dollars? It also gives you a limited time warranty, so that’s an even greater deal.

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American Angler Electric Fillet Fishing Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 92/100
Our Rating 92/100

For those of you who don’t consider themselves “knife pros” or professional knife handlers, it could take a long time for you to fillet those fish, because it can be quite a challenge to work around those pesky bones. It can get even more frustrating when you are working with a dull knife, because that will only make your day worse. The good news is you can always get an electric fillet fishing knife.

With a bit of electricity, you can get ripping into those fish without hesitation, because you’ve got a fishing knife that does your job for you. One great example would be the American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife. At about $150 dollars, this electric fillet knife gives you 111 Volts of power, making fish preparation a breeze.

It has a powerful gear and motor system, which doubles its torque and translates to a more efficient service than the other disposable brands you’ll find in the market.

The product includes 5 different blades, wherein four are replacement blades that serve specific purposes. These are the 10-inch Saltwater Blade (the one primarily attached to it); the 5.5-inch Curved tip Blade Replacement; the 8-inch Curved Tip Blade Replacement; the 10-inch Heavy Duty Shark Blade Replacement; and the 8-inch Heavy Duty Shark Blade Replacement.

With this convenient tool by your side, you can say goodbye to all your filleting troubles.

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Hoffner Beast Fishing Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 94/100
Design And Functionality 86/100
Our Rating 92/100

Now if for some reason you need a knife that can be used for filleting fish, as well as other unperceived functions such as self-defense, then you will love the Hoffner Knives Beast Fixed Blade.

You heard it right; this one is a fixed blade fishing knife, meaning it comes with a sheath and is much more durable than its foldable counterparts. In this case, it has a Kydex sheath that makes it a bit easier to store. But the real reason you will be going for this best fishing knife is because it is very, very tough. As the manufacturer claims, he engineered this model to be able to withstand most of the situations you will find yourself in that will need some serious piercing and cutting power. Emergency situations will no longer be so scary, once you have this 7-inch drop point blade by your side.

Being a full tang model, the entire blade us buried deep into the handles, making it that much more indestructible. Of course, it is not literally indestructible as you will still need to sharpen it every now and then, but this fishing knife is genuinely strong.

It was patterned after the Hoffner Folding Knife, which is also very tough and a top rated deer hunting knife, except this one is much harder. So whether you want to prepare fish or go on survival mode while out in the wild, this should be one great tool to have.

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Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-Inch Fish Fillet Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 92/100
Design And Functionality 86/100
Our Rating 90/100

The reason people buy a separate knife for filleting is that fishing knives are often more flexible than regular knives. Who wants to ruin the fish’s meat with a sharp and stiff blade, when you can use a bendable one that is just as sharp and efficient? This next fishing knife, the Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-Inch Fish Fillet Knife, is so proud of its flexibility that it even had to mention it in its name.

This precision forged stainless steel knife has a full tang design, meaning it is durable despite its flexibility. It is also high-carbon stain resistant, making it that much tougher in the long run.

But the real highlight of this knife is its sharp, narrow blade, which moves easily through meat, skin and bones. This gives you so much control and precision, allowing you to expertly fillet to your heart’s content.

This fishing knife currently goes for a price of less than a hundred dollars, which is great if you are trying to save up on other kitchen equipment such as more knives. For this price it comes with a black leather sheath that makes it possible for you to store it conveniently.

Not to mention that this fishing knife is precision forged. That’s really just a fancy term meaning it was buffed and polished by skilled craftsmen.

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Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fish Fillet Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 92/100
Our Rating 89/100

We really are living in the future. Who knew that even knives would be enhanced by technology? Gadgets are all the rage nowadays, but now even tools are going hi-tech. And to think that knives have been around for thousands of years.

The Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fish Fillet Knife flaunts the advancements in modern-day technology, by offering you a cordless, electricity-powered slicing service. As the manufacturers claim, it is “ready to match up with any filleting task.” And yes, that includes the toughest of tasks.

It charges quickly, taking up less than 2 hours to get fully charged and operates for 80 full minutes of uninterrupted filleting. This is with the help of the lithium ion batteries that provide a consistent power for the duration of its charge. In fact, you will not notice the battery waning even as it drains, because that’s how consistent it is.

And did you know that you can get this amazingly hi-tech service for a price of a little over $60 dollars? That’s a brilliant price, knowing that it has a razor-sharp 7-inch blade and a convenient handle that provide the perfect combination for the ultimate filleting experience. Even old school knife users have embraced this marvelously sleek beauty.

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Spyderco Harpy Fishing Knife

Spyderco Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 90/100
Our Rating 88/100

Many products nowadays offer a solid balance of beauty and functionality. The appearance of any item makes it more appealing to a potential buyer, and the capabilities of the said item is what seals the deal, most of the time. In this case, a fishing knife can be both beautiful and useful at the same time, so that it would please collectors and knife users alike.

The Spyderco C08S Harpy Lockback Knife is a good example of this. One look at this magnificent thing and you will want to start a knife collection. It has a hawkbill design that makes it stand out from your regular knives, and will definitely catch your attention if you are not familiar with this variation.

This fishing knife is perfect for making controlled pulling cuts, and it slices nicely through most surfaces. You will find this handy for preparing fish. You can even use it for emergency situations, such as cutting free from your seatbelt, or immediately cutting a rope.

This folding fishing knife is not difficult to open at all. In fact, it opens easily with just one hand.

Its blade has a hollow ground design, meaning it is sharper near the edge than other knives. And while normally this design would make it a little brittle, the Harpy is an incredibly durable knife that you would surely appreciate.

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Alaska Suregrip Coho Fishing Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 88/100
Design And Functionality 89/100
Our Rating 86/100

Accidents are very common, and they often come when we least expect it. When it comes to knives, we all fear that we might get cut while using them. This is why all knife manufacturers ensure that the handles of their knives are easy to hold. We don’t want our fingers accidentally slide along the razor-sharp blade while we’re preparing an innocent dinner, do we?

Now if safety is your primary concern, then the Alaska Suregrip Coho Fishing Knife should do wonders for you. You can tell from the name alone that this fishing knife’s handle will not slip from your grasp. Why settle for a handle that you can simply grip, when you can have a “sure grip” knife?

The grooves along the handle will keep your fingers where you want them while you fillet those fish passionately. This works fine even if your hands are wet with water, blood and slime, which it will normally be if you are trying fillet.

The blade is decently sharp and flexible enough to let you masterfully prepare that fish dinner. It has an overall length of 13 inches, but it remains easy to wield nevertheless.

If safety is your concern, but you don’t want to compromise on the effectiveness of your fishing knife, then go for this one.

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Camillus Knife Western Skinner Fixed Blade

Camillus Knife
Blade And Handle Quality 90/100
Design And Functionality 84/100
Our Rating 86/100

Another thing that people look at when buying any product at all is the brand. It is actually one of the first things you will notice in anything that is being sold. Now if you are not really very selective when it comes to your knives and other kitchen equipment, you can simply rely on the name of the product, especially if it is known to deliver high quality items consistently. For example, the Camillus Western Skinner Fixed Blade Knife is the result of more than 130 years of knife manufacturing experience.

This is only one of the creations of Camilus knife, a brand that has been in the game for so long that it has definitely mastered its craft. This high carbon, black powder-coated steel blade is their offering for those who want to prepare fish in the best possible way.

This fishing knife has a hollow-ground design, meaning it is sharper near the edges, allowing for a greater piercing action through skin, flesh and meat. The thin blade also allows for better turning control, making it easier for you to get the job done.

It has an easy-to-grip brown canvas micarta handle that should keep you on the safe side all throughout your filleting task. If you are after a good fishing knife from a brand you can trust, this is the right way to go.

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SOG BladeLight Fish Fillet LED Fixed Knife

SOG Specialty Knives
Blade And Handle Quality 84/100
Design And Functionality 86/100
Our Rating 86/100

Here we have a fishing knife that makes use of “cutting edge” technology, pun intended. The only one of the creations of Camilus is well aware of the advancements in modern day technology, and makes use of it to deliver an unbelievable quality of service.

In its most basic form, it is a straight edge fishing knife with a 7.5-inch blade made of solid steel and a satin finish, which comes with a hard nylon sheath for easy storage and added safety. The sharp blade allows for quick and deep punctures that let you pierce through a lot of things. Additionally, the black handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon, so you wouldn’t have to fear accidental hand slips.

The SOG BladeLight Fish Fillet Knife also has 6 LED lights molded into the handle on either side of the blade, effectively allowing you to use this fishing knife in the dark. This is perfect for when you have to use it at night, like when you are preparing a healthy midnight snack. It has an output of 30 lumens, for those of you who want to get the technical details. Basically, it’s like having a flashlight and a knife rolled into one.

And would you believe that all these advantages are given to you at an incredibly affordable price of a little over $50 dollars? That’s a steal and a half for a product so useful and so effective.

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Camillus Titanium Folding Knife

Blade And Handle Quality 84/100
Design And Functionality 86/100
Our Rating 84/100

Sometimes all you need is a fishing knife that will do the job right, nothing more, nothing less. If you are the kind of customer who is easy to please and easy to satisfy, then you might as well look for a decent one that will not waste the money you spend on it. The Camillus Knife Cuda Sarkis Carbonitride Titanium Folding is a good choice for you.

This is perfect for those who are trying to save money, because this is the most affordable fishing knife on this list. You may not believe it right away, but this only costs a little over $30 dollars! You can spend the money you save on other things such as food or additional kitchen equipment. And just because it is inexpensive doesn’t mean it is cheap in terms of performance either.

This Camillus Titanium Folding Knife has a very sharp steel blade that could help you skin and prepare your fish dinner easily. It also has an ergonomic handle that prevents accidental slips. There have been a few reviewer concerns however regarding the handle, wherein it is not as durable as they would like.

It has a very sharp steel blade that could help you skin and prepare your fish dinner easily. It also has an ergonomic handle that prevents accidental slips. There have been a few reviewer concerns however regarding the handle, wherein it is not as durable as they would like.

Nevertheless, this is one great fishing knife to have, especially if you are trying to save those dollars for something else.

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To Sum It Up About Fishing Knife!

Preparing fish should not be a chore. As with anything else you will cook in your kitchen, you will have to exert all of your love and passion into it, so it comes out delicious. Doing this is even easier if you have effective tools that will make your job easier, such as the great fishing knives on this list.

If you found one that you like, then all you have to do is take note of its name and go find one in your local store, or buy one online. Remember that these are some of the best fishing knives you can have, so you should set your standards to this level if you want to buy something different. If you want additional options check out the fixed blade hunting knife reviews. When you get that perfect fillet knife added to your arsenal of kitchen weapons, you will find yourself preparing fish for dinner several times a week.

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