Benchmade Knife 15008-ORG Steep Country Hunter

The Benchmade Knife 15008-ORG Steep Country Hunter features a premium S30V stainless steel that has nice edge retention, tough and sharp enough for any application whether it is a simple cutting task to highly intricate ones.

Benchmade Knife
Our Rating 92/100

When looking for the best knife that you can use for hunting and other outdoor activities, you need to find a tool that can function and last even in the most adverse weather conditiona. Not all of the products that you can find are perfectly suitable for hunters and outdoorsmen. For this purpose, there are many options that you can find. One of the top choices is the Benchmade Knife 15008-ORG. What makes this tool popular among customers?

Handle and Blade Quality

Blade And Handle Quality 91/100

Benchmade Knife features a fixed blade that is made of premium S30V stainless steel. Using this material for its blade, you are guaranteed to have a knife that has good edge retention and has strong corrosion resistance. The blade quality of the Steep Country Hunt is one of the best in the market. The S30V Blade gives you a more precise control which is suitable even for tougher tasks. For a more secured grip, the product has a Santoprene handle that provides stability. A brand known made in the United States, you get to have a knife that can last for years.

Benchmade Knife. Design and Functionality

Design And Functionality 91/100

The Benchmade - Steep Country 15008, Drop-Point, Orange Handle is designed to specifically meet the needs of outdoorsmen and for those who are into hunting activities. It might not have a really impressive aesthetics compare to other counterparts. But when it comes to functionality, this tool can surely deliver and work even in the toughest work conditions. What is nice about Benchamde is that you it gives you a sharp and versatile knife that you can easily use for any application. With its quality blade and grip feature, it gives you precision and consistency for maximum performance. For secured storage, it comes with a Kydex sheath.


  • Features a drop point blade that uses an S30V quality stainless steel known for its quality and durability
  • Sharp enough which makes it a reliable tool even for bigger tasks
  • Gives you precision and consistent performance
  • Comes with a Santropene handle for secured and stable grip
  • The knife can be efficiently used even under the toughest conditions.
  • Comes with a form fit Kydex sheath
  • The brand offers free life sharp service.


  • Some might not be satisfied with the sheath.

Apart from the minor downside of the product, you can still say that the Benchmade is a knife worth the purchase. In terms of aesthetics, it might not be that impressive. But with the different features that it offers, you have a tool that is specifically designed to last even the most adverse and the toughest conditions. This is what makes the Benchmade Knife perfectly suitable not just for indoor use but even for outdoors. The blade quality is superb since it is made of premium stainless steel that is durable and solid. The handle offers a secured gripping featured which gives you consistency and stability while you are doing any work. Plus, it is also a product that gives you precise control.

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