Barnett RAZR Crossbow PKG 185lb 78210 Review

Draw Weight

185 LB


400 FPS

Power Stroke

16 ''


6.5 LB

Hunters need an efficient, accurate and powerful crossbow whenever they go on a hunt. Before buying any hunting crossbow, you need to really weigh your choices and take a closer look with all the product has to offer. Are you looking for a slick design? One of the best choices that you can find is the Barnett RAZR Crossbow. Just before you get this crossbow package, take a closer look at its features and specifications.

  • safety and design
  • specifications
  • performance

The Barnett RAZR Crossbow features a slick looking design which makes it easier to carry and to hold. It is specifically designed to give you balance, speed and efficiency. Weighing about 6.4 pounds, it is a lightweight crossbow that is very convenient to use, but at the same time can still give you power. It uses Carbonlite Riser Technology to reduce the weight and its lining is made of titanium which makes it a highly durable crossbow. To give you a balanced feed, the RAZR comes with a fold out support feature.

The only downside is that when you start to unlock the rope cocking device, the tendency is to move to the Fire position. But in terms of safety features, the Barnett RAZR Crossbow is not lacking. It has anti-dry fire’s feature that works perfectly. With its CarbonLite feature, the crossbow is not front-heavy compare to other hunting crossbows.

This makes it easy to hold and to use. Other specs include retractable underarm support, adjustable butt pad, custom composite laminated limbs, string suppressors and Metal Injected Molded. When you buy the Barnett RAZR Crossbow, it has an integrated skinning knife. This is a nice feature that other hunting crossbows do not have. The only problem is that it is stored in the butt stock where you also need another tool to open the compartment. But aside from this minor concern, it is a good feature. If you always carry a knife with you, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Global Assessment 98/100

Looking at its design, over-all performance and efficiency, the Barnett RAZR Crossbow is sure a good buy. It is not a perfect crossbow, but you can definitely consider it a good choice. The Barnett RAZR is well-designed packed with the necessary features and specifications to give you a high performance crossbow. On top of that, it can also give you accuracy and speed which makes it a complete package. Although it has a safety flaw when you start to disengage the rope cocking feature, if you can manage your way around it, this hunting crossbow is a good fit for hunting and target shooting.

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